Sixth Sense Eau De Parfum 1 oz

Sixth Sense
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Sixth Sense is by far my most challenging fragrance to describe.

But, I'll give it a try anyway. Sixth Sense is a unique floral scent, equipped with a double portion of edge-- creating a fragrance encounter that is lively, fun, and certainly enticing! Six Sense is infused with pheromones-- gifting each wearer with a personalized scent on contact. And of course, my handpicked ingredients forge absolute perfection! Rosewood Oil opens the door for Amber, where they both meet Sandalwood-- spawning this rare and flattering must-have fragrance. 

Fragrance Notes: 

  •  Top Notes: Italian Jasmine, Amazon Lily, Rosewood Oil

  •  Mid Notes: Amber, Patchouli, Clove 

  •  Base Notes: Sandalwood 



Product Reviews

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Intriguing, most unique, and remarkable fragrance
Written by Lisa Yahya on 26th Sep 2020

Sixth Sense is truly the most unique and is absolutely the most exotic perfume I’ve ever worn! I can not believe the reaction I get from all who come in close proximity of me, whether I know them or not, who have to comment on it. Men love it! Well, everyone who catches the scent of it, loves it! I will not wear anything else now. I had a panic attack when I could no longer find it, and thankfully I found out how to contact Chamille and she is an absolute delight to work with!!! She always takes such good care of me and gets my Sixth Sense to me in such a timely manner. Thanks Camille! You’re the best!!! Please start selling the large bottles of this wondrous perfume again!!!

Sixth Sense
Written by Micki French on 30th Aug 2019

This is the most gorgeous perfume! I have used Destiny and Pheromone for years then discovered this. Hard to get! I love the original bottle, though!

6th sense
Written by Debby Andidora on 26th Feb 2018

This is my favorite scent. I get so many complements when i wear it. The only problem is it is not always available.

Written by Chloe Moreno on 10th Nov 2016

I just rcv'd this today and I love it! Smells lovely! Hubby likes it too!!

The only scent I will wear
Written by Fernanda on 15th Jul 2016

Exotic, unique, almost hypnotic. This is the only fragrance I care to wear. Please, do not discontinue it.

Written by European on 15th May 2016

Miracles happen to me when I wear this parfum! Men & women alike, my colleagues, my child's teachers, my dentist, doctors, even sales women in Sephora & every other place ask me to write down the name. I am is shock & disbelief on its effect on people. I HONESTLY believe that I even got jobs because of Sixth Sense, as the interviewers always asked me what is this magic smell. WOW! Marilyn, please bring it back in your 1.7 oz beautiful purple spray bottle! Can't be without it!!!