Sixth Sense Eau De Parfum 1.6 oz.

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Sixth Sense is by far my most challenging fragrance to describe. But, I'll give it a try anyway. Sixth Sense is a unique floral scent, equipped with a double portion of edge-- creating a fragrance encounter that is lively, fun, and certainly enticing! Six Sense is infused with pheromones-- gifting each wearer with a personalized scent on contact. And of course, my handpicked ingredients forge absolute perfection! Rosewood Oil opens the door for Amber, where they both meet Sandalwood-- spawning this rare and flattering must-have fragrance. 


Fragrance Notes: 

  •  Top Notes: Italian Jasmine, Amazon Lily, Rosewood Oil
  •  Mid Notes: Amber, Patchouli, Clove 
  •  Base Notes: Sandalwood 




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Sixth Sense Eau De Parfum
Written by Sigrid Hess on 10th Mar 2020

My very favorite perfume. It has become my signature. There is not a day that goes by without a compliment from some one wanting to know the fragrance and where they could purchase it. I recommend it to everyone because it smells wonderful. (Pheronome is #2 on my fragrance list.)