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Pheromone® Bath & Body Oil

Soften and nourish skin. Pheromone Bath and Body Oil gives skin a sultry sheen. Combined with the world's Seven Sacred Oils and with 179 natural ingredients to heighten and arouse all your senses. May be used before or after your bathing...
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Pheromone® Luxurious Body Moisture 6 oz

Soft and Silky  Try my revitalizing luxurious body lotion, scented with Pheromone. This formula will... Smooth your skin Relax your muscles Incite your senses Pheromone Luxurious Body Moisture will moisturize your skin...
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Destiny® Renewal Body Lotion 6 oz

Soften and protect your skin.  This spirited, sensual fusion of moisturizers leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and radiant, leaving behind Destiny’s ethereal scent.           
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Destiny® Body Therapy 7 oz

Hydrate and smooth your body.  This nourishing creme helps to soothe, soften and protect while communicating the ethereal scent of Destiny®. Developed as a spa treatment, contains all of the skin's most essential nutrients to help revitalize,...