Pheromone Eau de Parfum

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In ancient Egypt, men and women cherished their private collections of fragrant oils, worshipping their mysterious powers. Marilyn Miglin has blended seven of the world's most precious oils, together with jasmine blossoms, exotic roots, wild grasses - more than 179 rare and expensive natural ingredients - to create Pheromone, the world's most precious perfume.

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Pheromone Eau de Parfum

In her search for a scent unlike any other, Marilyn Miglin traveled the four corners of the world visiting the place where perfume were held in higher esteem than gold. Egypt.

There, she examined unearthed jars, which once contained cherished essences and found that traces of fragrance remained after 5,000 years. From a search of carved temple reliefs and ancient hieroglyphs, she uncovered astonishingly complex and unforgettable formulations. Upon translation, ancient secrets for compounding and blending were unlocked from recorded time.

Taken from the Greek words “pherein” (to carry) and “horman” (to excite), Pheromone contains 179 rare and costly essences. Its vibrant blend includes flower essences, wild grasses, exotic barks, seeds and rare wine resins in addition to essential oils from France, Italy, Belgium, Madagascar, Portugal and Egypt.

Jasmine blossoms in full bloom during the night must be gathered before dawn when their scent reaches its highest level. Tonka extract come from a rare tree in Venezuela. Its tiny Ambrette seeds require precise soaking in rum before they are dried in the sun and ready for extrusion.

Pheromone's Orange Blossom Oil comes from a tree that must mature 12 years before bearing its first blossoms and each tree produces only six pounds of flowers. Lotus blossoms from Marrakech and Narcissus hunted wild in France are two additional ingredients. The sacred Egyptian Kyphi, the provocative Cyprinium and mysterious Mendesium exquisitely unite in the Marilyn Miglin laboratories under her personal supervision.

This incredible formula also includes Ylang-Ylang, Fo-Ti-Tieng, Aegyptuim, Penny Royal, Iris, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Attar of Rose, Patchouli, Lotus, Palm and Oak Moss.

The fragrance once sought for a number of discriminating women has become an international favorite. Such is the achievement of Pheromone, the world's most precious perfume.

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