Pheromone® Luxurious Body Moisture 6 oz

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Soft and Silky 

Try my revitalizing luxurious body lotion, scented with Pheromone.

This formula will...

Smooth your skin

Relax your muscles

Incite your senses

Pheromone Luxurious Body Moisture will moisturize your skin perfectly and leave a lovely lingering fragrance all over your body. 



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Pheromone Luxurious Body Moisture
Written by lammsemail on 7th Dec 2020

As a body cream I absolutely love it! It makes even my elbows and feet soft. This version has the scent of my favorite fragrance, Pheromone. I use it after showering. It's scent is potent so I shower at night and some of the fragrance rubs off on my bedding so it is milder when I go to work.

moisturizes quickly
Written by MS on 3rd Mar 2020

This cream moisturizes even tough areas like elbows and the callouses on the bottom of my feet. At first, the fragrance can be a bit too much but dies down by the next day.