Pheromone Eau De Parfum 3.4 oz Spray

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Still The World's Most Precious Perfume

Established nearly 40 years ago, my vintage Pheromone perfume has built a legacy all of its' own. Pheromone continues to impress women and entice men all over the world! A rare and royal fragrance, created from a blend of 179 extracts, from France to Egypt, Pheromone's distinctive scent remains unduplicated. And here's why: Pheromone signatures to you; Pheromone reacts to your body's chemistry, creating a highly distinguishable custom fragrance! This is a scent that every woman MUST experience! 

You deserve it!


Fragrance Notes: 

  •  Top Notes: Bergamot Italian, Leafy Greens and Orange Flower
  •  Mid Notes: Jasmin Italian, Geranium Bourbon, Iris de Florence and Cassie Absolute
  •  Base Notes: Sandalwood East Indies, Oakmoss and Vanilla Absolute 

Product Reviews

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Pure Heaven
Written by Sylvia on 16th Apr 2017

This is my signature fragrance! I found it 30+ years ago and I never use any others. I receive so many compliments and have shared the brand with lots of folks. It is epic!

Written by Barbara Jean Militello on 26th Sep 2016

I have been wearing this fragrance for many years. I feel sexy and provocative and know that this fragrance "turns heads" as I get asked about it from perfect strangers, constantly.

Five Stars
Written by Miha on 29th Aug 2016

Beautiful and Unique smell.I love this perfume-Plus I receive so many compliments wearing this fragrance :) Thank you very much!

Unique Perfume
Written by Mihaela Brehoi on 28th Aug 2016

This perfume it's definitely unique and distinct.I love it.Great customer service,very pleased with my order and I received the package very fast.Thank you very much.

No one will ever smell the same. with this perfume.
Written by Kim McCord on 7th Jun 2016

I receive this every year for Christmas, and I absolutely love it. I get complements all the time on how good I/it smells. I can't smell it on me, but everybody else can smell it. I just boight this for my sons girlfriend, and I can't wait to hear how much she loves it. No one will ever smell the same with this perfume, it reacts to your chemistry, and that's another reason I love it.

A love affair....
Written by Lee Newman Myers on 26th Apr 2016

It all began 35 years ago in New Orleans at a Saks Fifth Avenue benefit for the Louisiana SPCA. The 'patron' gifts were drams of Pheromone Perfume, courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue. I immediately tried the perfume and a love affair was born! At the end of the evening many had left their gift on the tables, so I gathered up every single one and thankfully so, as I was only 20 and couldn't afford to buy it for myself at that time. It was not long after that I bought my first bottle of the Eau de Parfum so I could save the drams for special occasions. I've never worn another scent in my life and no matter where I am, I always get asked what perfume I'm wearing. Thank you!

very high quality and scent
Written by Dan Okrasinski on 15th Mar 2016

Product came as ordered. 1 day later I received a discount ad for the same item and free shipping. M.M did not honor my request to apply the discount. Very disappointing considering I can order the exact same item from Amazon with free shipping and a lower price.

Written by undefined on 10th Nov 2015

Absolutely without doubt my favorite perfume. I have been using Phermone sine the early 80's. I get so many compliments. In I to read in traveled to Los Angeles and while boarding the plane a customer on flight said, 'I do not know what perfume you are wearing but it smells so good.'

Signature Scent
Written by Laurel Ashcroft on 18th Aug 2015

I've been wearing Pheromones for 15 years and it never fails to bring compliments. People, men and women alike, always say they LOVE the scent. I'm always asked what it is. It's unique and distinct without being overpowering. My children, all grown now, will hug me and say they love how I smell, it smells like home, like Mom. I feel like an ambassador for Pheromones and am proud to be forever writing down the name for others who wish to try it. I always specify it must be Marilyn Miglin Pheromones or they will be disappointed. Keep making your amazing perfume Marilyn. I like to think of it as my personally created fragrance. I guess it is, as it's a little different in everyone.

Written by undefined on 30th Jul 2015