Pheromone® Body Treatment 7 oz

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Soft and Supple 

Try my lavish and exhilarating body creme, scented with Pheromone.

This formula will...

Soften your skin

Relax your muscles

Incite your senses 

Pheromone Body Treatment will moisturize your skin deeply, treat dry skin, and leave a lovely lingering fragrance all over your body. 

A little goes a long way.


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Review of Body Treatment
Written by Brenda on 8th Aug 2021

I’ve used the Pheromone products since the 80s. For a period in the 90s, the store that had previously carried the Marilyn Miglin products stopped doing so. A few years ago, I ordered several Miglin products by mail, but my order wasn’t filled correctly. This time the order was perfect.I’ve always liked the body treatment for my hands and arms and plan to order it again.

Product Review
Written by Faye on 24th Jul 2019

Have been using the pheromone body treatment for over 15 years and I highly recommend this product

great smell
Written by undefined on 22nd Jan 2016

Everyday someone asks me what I am wearing! I tell them MM Permone Body Treatment. I love it.