Pheromone® Bath & Shower Creme 8 oz

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This bath and shower creme gently moisturizes while cleansing, leaving your skin feeling clean and smooth. 

Lightly scented with Pheromone, the world’s most precious perfume.

Add to warm running water and slip into the ultimate Pheromone bath. To use in the shower apply generously to sponge, washcloth or loofah. Massage and rinse for the ultimate soft, clean skin. 

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Written by Maxine Franklin on 7th Sep 2020

I love it because it can use for bath and shower. And you can still have the great pheromone fragrance.

PB&Shower Creme
Written by Maxine Franklin on 15th Jun 2020

This is a light but rich bath & shower creme. I love it because it’s the scent of my pheromone bath oil & the lotion. ❤️ It.

Written by Maxine Franklin on 8th Jun 2020

Just started using this bath & shower creme. I love the softness & smoothness & it can be use has a bath are shower. I love that it’s scented with the pheromone. Love it, love it.