Pheromone® Bath & Body Oil

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Soften and nourish skin.

Pheromone Bath and Body Oil gives skin a sultry sheen.

Combined with the world's Seven Sacred Oils and with 179 natural ingredients to heighten and arouse all your senses. May be used before or after your bathing ritual or simply as a perfume on the body.

"Made for the woman who makes life an adventure... With love!"

Product Reviews

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Written by Marie on 13th Jan 2021

I was introduced to Pheromone in the late seventies at the Garfinkel's department store in Maryland. I fell in love with it from the very beginning. I have tried many others but this is my signature sent. It is rich fragrance and never grows old.

Pheromone Bath & Body Oil
Written by Diane Sheffield on 15th Sep 2020

I have been wearing this product for years, from the time Marilyn Miglin introduced it! I love it, and get so many complements from my family, adults, and students, who always say; "Ms. Diane, you smell good!"

Written by Mallery Johnson on 24th Aug 2020

I've been using Pheromone Bath Oil which was Pheromone Sacred Oil when I started using Pheromone. I use the perfume, eau DE parfum, fluid gold, body cremes, soap, bath and body creme, powder, exfoliating creme, I wish I was able to get the bath crystals I got in a gift set. Pheromone has been my signature fragrance for over 40 years. Everything else I wear is fragrance free. The original fragrance only and forever. I recently was cleaning and found a treasure chest filled with Pheromone products and a free gift bag. I was on the verge of order because my eau de parfum was getting low. It was Christmas in July for me. Even my godson bought me pheromone last Christmas. It make the pandemic not so bad. It makes everything good.

Pheromone Bath Oil
Written by Kaleo Ashlly-Simpkins on 18th Jul 2020

I was introduced to Pheromone Bath Oil in 1979 at Carol and Mary's in the Ala Moana shopping mall when I lived in Hawaii. At that time it was called Sacred Oils which name I wish they had kept because it is truly divine. That was 41 years ago and in all of that time I have yet to find a sent as intoxicating. I'm known by my friends and family for that scent. Thank you Marilyn.

Pheromones bath oil
Written by Camille on 25th Jun 2020

Absolutely love it. Been using this for over 20?years

Written by Maxine Franklin on 8th Jun 2020

I been using Pheromone since 1989. Haven’t use anything else. I’m always ask. What is that you’re wearing. So many compliments. Especially from my husband.

Pheromone bath and body oil
Written by Angel Kelly on 14th May 2020

I’ve been using this product for 25+ yrs. I love the way it softens my skin and the fragrance lasts all day!

Pheromone bath and body oil
Written by Marilyn Delaney on 2nd May 2020

Started using original products in 1979 In love.

Written by Palma on 17th May 2019

This is a scent I have been wearing for many, many years. I often get compliments and asked what I am wearing. I always wore the cologne but bout the bath and body oil this time and it is wonderful. I think I like it even more now.

Pheromone Body Oil
Written by diana jordan on 12th Aug 2018

A friend gave me a vial of Pheromone in 1992. It inspired me to begin creating perfumes! It is the absolute best fragrance IN THE WORLD!!!

Pheromone Bath & Body Oil
Written by Earlene Prince on 8th Aug 2018

What's NOT to like about this product? If I were to have anything to say against it, it would be that it should come in a LARGER container! I absolutely love this product, as well as all the products I purchase from Marilyn Miglin. Have been wearing this fragrance since 1985 and continue to get compliments from men, women, and children about how "good" I smell!:) Thank you for continuing this line!

Written by Lisa H on 6th Nov 2017

This has been my signature fragrance for almost 30 years... I can't imagine wearing anything else... Ever! Thank you for such making such a luxurious, sensuous perfume, and keeping it in your catalog. With best regards, Lisa Harrington

delightfully sensuous
Written by jan miller on 26th Jul 2016

Love this product. Scent is fantastic. Lasts long time. Have used for 25 years. Highly recommend.

Wear Nothing Else!
Written by LaWanna Lee on 7th Apr 2016

I found out about this product in 1971 and have worn nothing else since. Spent 20 years in the United States Navy and had to order online all over the world and was asked what it was I was wearing. Told people if I told them, I would have to kill them because I did not want them smelling like me, just keep my scent on their mind. They told me they always knew when I was around because of the lingering great fresh smell. Have been wearing it so long, no longer smell it myself, just put it on after shower. A little dab a do ya on a wet body and last all day. Love this product!!!!!

the best bath oil every made
Written by Patricia Morris on 4th Feb 2016

I have been using Pheromone Bath and Body Oiil for many years and I love it. I use it after bath also. I like to rub in on my skin as a body fragrance. Pheromone is something to experience and I use everything in the bath and body line and parfum. I have my niece, our daughter, daughter-in-law, and a few friends on this wonderful product. When I bring my garments to the dry cleaners, they don't even look up, they just say 'Hello Pat'. Pheromone is like having your own personal fragrance made just for you. Wonderful.

Best in its Class
Written by Jalene Howse on 28th Oct 2014

This is absolutely the very best perfumed body oil I have ever had and I love it and will continue to buy it until I die!