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Perfect Balance Tissue Creme .5 oz

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Named as a "must-have" in Harper Bazaar!

Immediate relief for dry chapped lips.  Softens lines around lips and protects from moisture loss. 

Great for outdoor enthusiasts. Apply after sunscreen to prevent chapping.


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    Tissue Creme

    Posted by Pat McCord on 23rd May 2021

    I do not review products habitually, because in the real world products do not behave like Marilyn's Tissue Creme. I saw it years ago in a magazine article, touted as an interviewee's holy grail. Instead of scoffing and moving on, I ordered it, and am eternally thankful, because this is a product I can honestly say I cannot do without. The area around the lips is very dry on post-menopausal women, who then fall prey to the dreaded vertical lip line syndrome. I have used this product twice a day, faithfully, for five-plus years and it cannot be bested for keeping my lip area moisturized and line free although I am 67 and have given this mouth a strenuous workout for most of my life! I honestly do not believe I could sleep without it. I apply it on top of my basic moisturizer, morning and night. It absorbs into the skin and leaves it perfectly primed for makeup. I keep a jar ahead so I will never run out. FYI, there was a shipping snafu with my most recent order, and MM staff sorted it out apologetically, with real class, and comped my shipping charge, so in that arena MM also excells. Order this, friends--you need Marilyn in your life!

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    Tissue Creme purchased January 2021

    Posted by Tim Johnson on 28th Jan 2021

    Tissue Cream almost feels like a “primer” on or around the lips in addition to a “protectant.” It creates a smooth surface on the lips without being slick or greasy, probably because it contains beeswax, paraffin and lanolin oil (like matte-feeling moisture). I enjoy that it’s fragrance free with no minty oils so it’s gentle. The packaging is upscale (frosted glass). I read an article that this jewelry designer had been “using MM Tissue Creme on her lips and cuticles since 1964!” So this must be one of Marilyn’s original offerings and I’m totally into classic products with a loyal following that have endured over time.

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