Marilyn Miglin Fragrance Gallery Collection

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This beautiful Set is made to inspire you, to empower your senses and to provoke your curiosity.

Explore the diversity of each and every day wearing a very distinctive fragrance.

Fragrance Gallery Collection contains .25oz/each:

  • 112 Perfume
  • Pheromone Perfume
  • Pheromone Musk Perfume 
  • Pheromone Breeze Perfume
  • Pheromone Gold Perfume 
  • Destiny Perfume
  • Destiny Callalily Perfume 
  • Divine Perfume
  • Celebrate Perfume
  • Four White Flowers Perfume
  • Fo-Ti-Tieng Perfume
  • Magic Perfume 
  • Goddess Perfume 
  • Pyjama Lilly Perfume
  • Provoke Perfume
  • Sensual Amber Perfume 

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Written by Lula Alfred on 13th Sep 2016

If you are wanting to try different fragrances,you have to order this set. Awesome and you can share.