Quick View Magic Perfume Oil .5 oz

Magic Perfume Oil .5 oz

The Woman of Mystery For the lady who has mastered the art of charm. Her presence creates an unexplained excitement among all who encounter her. She is fun, but quite wise... and definitely knows how to keep a secret. If you're her... order...
Quick View  Magic Body Creme

Magic Body Creme

Smooth and radiant skin.   Use my Magic Body Creme to moisturize and soften your skin, lasting longer than lotion.        
Quick View Magic Luxurious Body Lotion 9 oz

Magic Luxurious Body Lotion 9 oz

 Smooth and radiant skin.  Magic Luxurious Body Lotion will moisturize your skin perfectly and leave a lovely lingering fragrance all over your body.  Massage this luxurious lotion all over your body and discover the joy of being a...
Quick View Magic Bath Silk 9.5 oz

Magic Bath Silk 9.5 oz

Soft, sensual, and silken! Magic Bath Silk is designed to smooth and hydrate, leaving your skin... Looking glorious Feeling supple And smelling marvelous   Add just a handful to warm running water for a tranquilizing bathing experience. Put...