M For Men Cologne 3.4 oz

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For the daring and provocative man... 

A blend of woody notes, oak moss, Siberian pine oil and fresh citrus which lends a sensually, earthy scent!




When it comes to Marilyn Miglin's "Pheromone for Men" fragrance, please understand that each perfume house uses their own terminology and categories to classify their perfumes according to the concentration of essences or aromatic oils they contain.

 The company does sell products in Canada and Europe.  In Europe, Cologne is describe the same concentration as Eau De Toilette.  All of our boxes for "Pheromone for Men" Cologne do have the "Eau De Toilette" printed on the box.   


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simply the best cologne ever
Written by Eddy on 15th Aug 2016

I have used M for men for over 10 years. I always get compliments on the fragrance and it has opened many doors. It is helped me with the ladies, I find the fragrance enhances the intimate experience . Many women tell me they enjoy the smell that lingers in the room after I have left . I've been asked for tshirts with my fragrance on it as keepsakes, even teddy bears . It definetly makes you memorable! Best dating aid ever!

M For Men Has Become My Signature Scent
Written by Robert on 22nd Dec 2015

Twenty years ago I received a small bottle of M For Men as a gift. From the first time I used it I received compliments from both men and women on how good it smelled. I finished the bottle rather quickly because who doesn't want be told that they smell great. I found Marilyn on the internet and started to buy M For Men directly. Every once in a while I will try something but I always come back to M For Men. It has become my signature scent. Love Love Love it.