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Pheromone® Bath & Body Oil

Soften and nourish skin. Pheromone Bath and Body Oil gives skin a sultry sheen. Combined with the world's Seven Sacred Oils and with 179 natural ingredients to heighten and arouse all your senses. May be used before or after your bathing...
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Pheromone® Bath & Shower Creme 8 oz

This bath and shower creme gently moisturizes while cleansing, leaving your skin feeling clean and smooth.  Lightly scented with Pheromone, the world’s most precious perfume. Add to warm running water and slip into the ultimate Pheromone...
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Pheromone® Tonique 8 oz

Give your skin a cool hydrating lift. Soothe, refresh and help restore your skin's natural pH and moisture balance with this sensual fusion of botanicals lightly scented with Pheromone. Helps to minimize the skin’s surface sebum to improve the...
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Pheromone® Shampoo 8 oz

Get glorious hair! If you haven't tried my Pheromone Shampoo, your hair is paying the price! My moisturizing shampoo cleanses and protects hair, to restore natural luster and volume! This is all achieved while infusing the fibers of your hair with...
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Destiny® Bath & Body Perfume Oil 1 oz

Destiny® Bath & Body Perfume Oil affords a bathing experience unlike any other. Use alone as a perfume or in the bath. Sensually caresses the skin with moisture to leave it soft and silky, healthy and glowing.  Destiny is for the woman who...
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Destiny® Bath & Shower Creme 12 oz

Some people say that our destiny is in the stars. Whatever you believe, whatever your future, the present is yours. It should be richly scented and utterly romantic. The all-white-floral scent in this Destiny Bath and Shower Creme is...
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Destiny® Bath Silk

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Refresh and hydrate your skin. Fragranced with the delicate scent of the seven pure white flowers of Destiny, this soft silken and sensual Bath Silk will refresh and hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling cool and smooth. Great for relaxing, relieving...
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Bombshell Bath & Shower Creme 8 oz

Clean, Smooth, & Irresistible Skin! Have you tried my Bombshell Bath & Shower Creme? Soothe and restore your skin's natural beauty with this balanced, sensual fusion of cleansers and moisturizers. This specially formulated shower creme helps to...
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Bombshell Body Glow 8 oz

Glow Up! Bombshell Body Glow was created with my patented Marilyn Miglin formula, designed to immediately enhance skin's appearance! This deep moisturizer penetrates, without clogging pores, and illuminates skin with...
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Magic Bath Silk 9.5 oz

Soft, sensual, and silken! Magic Bath Silk is designed to smooth and hydrate, leaving your skin... Looking glorious Feeling supple And smelling marvelous   Add just a handful to warm running water for a tranquilizing bathing experience. Put...
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Pheromone Bath Crystals

Nourish, moisturize, and relax!  It's time to add indulgence to your nightly routine, with a spa bathing experience-- enhanced by the sensual, warm, and calming scent of Pheromone. Breath deep, unwind, and enjoy the soothing and...
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