Pheromone Perfume Dram 1/8 oz

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Still The World's Most Precious Perfume

Established nearly 40 years ago, my vintage Pheromone perfume has built a legacy all of its' own. Pheromone continues to impress women and entice men all over the world! A rare and royal fragrance, created from a blend of 179 extracts, from France to Egypt, Pheromone's distinctive scent remains unduplicated. And here's why: Pheromone signatures to you; Pheromone reacts to your body's chemistry, creating a highly distinguishable custom fragrance! This is a scent that every woman MUST experience! 


You deserve it!


Fragrance Notes: 

  •  Top Notes: Bergamot Italian, Leafy Greens and Orange Flower
  •  Mid Notes: Jasmin Italian, Geranium Bourbon, Iris de Florence and Cassie Absolute
  •  Base Notes: Sandalwood East Indies, Oakmoss and Vanilla Absolute 

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A love affair...
Written by Lee Newman on 1st Nov 2015

It all began 35 years ago in New Orleans. I was attending the Howling Success benefit for the Louisiana SPCA with my parents and the 'patron' gifts were drams of Pheromone Perfume, courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue. I immediately tried the perfume and a love affair was born! At the end of the evening many had left their gift on the tables, so I gathered up every single one and thankfully so as I was only 20 and couldn't afford to buy it for myself at that time in my life. I've never worn another scent in my life and no matter where I am, I always get complemented. Thank you!