Destiny Eau De Parfum 3.3 oz

Destiny Eau De Parfum 3.3 oz

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Arouse the senses and inspire the soul with this delicate bouquet of exquisite white flowers. 

Soft, romantic and quietly compelling, Destiny lingers delicately and gracefully and is different on every woman. To be worn alone or made to layer over other fragrances to enhance or add a light, exotic floral touch. 

"Destiny is for the woman who balances her spirituality with her sensuality." 

In creating DESTINY®, Marilyn Miglin has chosen to go inward, to a woman’s most essential self—her very center—to develop a delicate,  yet provocatively compelling fragrance. A perfume designed to restore the harmony and balance that bring out a woman’s true inner-beauty.

The woman of DESTINY® has mastered the art of balancing her sensuality with her spirituality. She is at once intuitive and intelligent, endlessly curious, with an inherent sexuality she is confident enough to express.

DESTINY® is for the woman whose quietly invincible spirit can transform a room. Whose subtle, yet unmistakable influence gently guides the turn of events. Whose inner-harmony is sensed by all.
It is for this woman that Marilyn Miglin envisioned DESTINY® as a quiet expression of vital energy.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Jasmine Italian, Muguet, Calla Lily, White Rose, Osmanthus Blossoms, Narcissus and White Orchid
  • Created with the delicate essential oils of 7 white flowers that will surround you with a fragrant aura that is feminine, ethereal and innocent


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Enchanting Scent
Written by Eva on 8th Jan 2017

I have been wearing this scent for years and I never tire of it. Wherever I go people stop and ask me what perfume I am wearing. People in grocery stores, at events, at my dentist office, on trains, have told me this scent is beautiful. I feel it's a classic!

Love Destiny
Written by Diane Shetter on 28th Jul 2016

I have been using Destiny for years and it is my very favorite. I get lots of compliments.

It is my fav fragrance & I am a loyal customer who will be back.
Written by Barbara L Kobel on 2nd Jun 2015

I purcased it in the past at CPS & Macy's and a trip to bpth stores they told me the did not hsve & the clerks ssid they never heard of it? So i went online and found you! it is so beautiful people ask me what it is? How about that?

Husband's Favorite
Written by Susan on 13th Dec 2014

not only do people compliment me on the fragrance of Destiny, it brings out the "best" in my husband, drives him crazy if you know what I mean